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We'd love to see what you do with all the goodies you buy from our store, so if you have a blog where you share your makes, then please add your name to the list below with a link to your blog home page so we can pop by and visit from time to time.


  1. hi Tara :) was trying to link up my blog, but the linky tool doesn't seem to be working.
    Loving your new shop :) huge blessings ♥

  2. The linky tool doesn't work for me either :-( Must be some small glitch!
    Either way, here's my blog:

  3. I can't seem to get the InLinkz working either :(

  4. Hei there!
    I've made my first order at you shop in February, this year - and now most of my salary goes to next orders:) Just can't stop:) For some reason I can't add my site link through Linkz also, but here it is:

  5. Hi Tara, hope all's well. I've tried to link up my blog, too. But the tool doesn't seem to work for me either.
    So, here's my blog:
    Many thanks for running this great store. x

  6. Hi! I am also having issues with the linky tool... Recieved my first order from you today and crafting with it already. My blog address is
    So glad I have found you!

    1. I am having probs with the linky tool too. Very pleased to have found you Seven Hills Crafts

      My blog is

      :) xxx

  7. Hi the link tool doesn't seem to be working - my link is
    Rachel Vass

  8. The linky tool still isn't working my link is
    Cheers. Great to have found you. :)

  9. Hi, my name is Nicole and I have a blog called (Frau Vögeli means Mrs. Bird).
    Greetings from Switzerland,

  10. I am having probs with the linky tool too...

  11. Having problems too with mr linky so here is my blog...
    Thank you and do so love your blog and all the inspiration and just love your products! x

  12. Sorry everyone - I've been away from this page for too long and didn't realise it wasn't working. I will get it fixed asap.

  13. Thank you so much.. I have received my first order from your shop in September first wee...I am so glad that i found you.. and for my surprise.. we both are located in same city..Yey...Linky is not allowing me to add my blog... here is my blog link..


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