Sunday, 4 February 2018

Words and Numbers

I've got a really fun age card to share today that can be easily adapted to suit any birthday you want to highlight the age on.  I was inspired by the gorgeous new Brush Alphabet Die Set from AlteNew.

I die cut "four" several times using thick white card and using copics shaded just one in a rainbow effect to be my focal number.  I placed this one where I wanted it first and then used the other white fours around it in different orientations to make a fun number-word background.

I coloured a strip of card with the same rainbow of markers and cut a flag end on each end and stamped a Happy Birthday sentiment  from the brilliant Birthday Builder also from AlteNew which has so many different fonts in different sizes I know it's going to be one I reach for again and again and again.  It'll be nice not to dig through other stamps looking for the right sentiment too.


It's going to be a busy week in store this week as we'll start to get the first of the post trade show releases.........   We'll have the following arrive this week:
  • Stamping Bella's year end release
  • MFT's February release
  • Avery Elle's December and February releases.  The new stuff releases on February and it shipped yesterday so fingers crossed that customs clear it quickly and we should then have it for release day.
  • We may have some Lawn Fawn restocks this week too, if not early next.

Some brands are still waiting for their trade show releases to be manufactured so we don't yet know when we will get them.  It seems dies are the hold up for both WaffleFlower and Flora and Fauna.

We have the new release from Neat and Tangled shipping on Monday so there is a SLIM chance we'll get it by Friday but if not it will be next week.

We've ordered the fab new release from Concord and 9th but they never ship until after they release (the 9th of each month) so it will be mid-Feb before we get that.

We have already ordered the next release from AlteNew so should be back on schedule with them now and won't miss out on any new items as we did this time.  I know many of you have been disappointed that we haven't received some items - very little I could do about that because of the move so I missed the pre-order - there is only one of me and I can't yet operate a computer with my feet particularly when I didn't have internet!  We have everything on back order and it will arrive soon so you won't miss out for long.

We've ordered the full new release from Hero Arts along with the January monthly-add ons.  This comes via a UK distributor so never comes as quickly as they release in the USA and we never know when it will come until the day before we get it.  It currently says expected late February but that's as much as I know.

Could I also ask everyone to think about what they email - kindness doesn't cost and customers who send rude, hurtful or angry emails without thinking will no longer receive replies.  We are happy to help, particularly where there is a problem with product you've received but please think about how you ask.  You may feel aggrieved but if it's the first time you've pointed something out to us, please be nice and give us the chance to fix it before you hurl abuse at us!

Catch you next week.



  1. Sorry to hear you've had some unpleasant emails to deal with, Tara :( I hope everyone will take your request to heart and I fully understand that you'll no longer reply to that kind of emails – if someone can't even adhere to the basic rules of decency and respect, they don't deserve to take up your time. Hope your Inbox will become more pleasant to look at :) Thanks for all the hard work you and Rick are doing! You guys are amazing!

  2. I agree wholeheartedly with Julia. Sometimes people seem to forget that we are only human & think if they shout loudly enough they will get what they want. You & Rick do a great job & considering your house move meant moving your business too I think it was amazing that you re-opened the store as quickly as you did, despite some technical setbacks which were out of your hands. Keep up the good work ��������

  3. Why on earth would anyone choose to be aggressive rude and unpleasant when they want the recipient if the email to help them? Seems a little counter-productive to me. I hope the message gets through and your inbox will be distinctly more pleasant- if they persist - ignore it - or shame them!!! Wishing you happiness and fun for February - Lucy M x

  4. Lovely card Tara and looks like you are going to have a pretty busy week. I shall be keeping my fingers and toes crossed for your next Altenew delivery to see if the die I am after is back in stock, but I am happy to wait until it does. I understand that everything went pear shaped with your move so no worries. Really sorry to hear you've received unpleasant emails though, that's not on. Everyone makes mistakes and occasionally things go wrong, that's life and there's no need for nastiness or anything like that. I shall hope you get no more. Have a good week, thanks for all your hard work in getting things for us and take care.

  5. Such a really wonderful card, Tara! I'm always in love with rainbows. And as everyone I'm so sorry to hear that you've received rude emails. Unfortunately, some people never know how to behave, and it's especially hard when it hits people like you who really ALWAYS give their best. Sending virtual hugs hoping they can make up for at least some the anger.

  6. Love the card & will be using that idea on my own version soon!
    I’m sorry to hear about your rude emails. I appreciate everything you do, trying to get stock & releases as soon as possible.

  7. So sorry to hear that people have been unkind, Tara. I've been a customer almost since you first started up and I've never had anything but wonderful service. Feeling very pleased that I was able to order some of the new Altenew items I wanted but I'm happy to wait until the remainder come in... sometimes when you order lots of a new release all at once you don't actually play with it all! Have a fabulous week xx

  8. So sorry to hear about the emails. I hope those unkind words don’t overshadow all the appreciation and thanks that the rest of us have for you! You guys are awesome!!

  9. Thanks everyone - I appreciate your kind words :-)


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