Thursday, 24 May 2018

Mix Tape Hello Card

Hi everyone, Taheerah here wishing you a happy Thursday!

The youngsters may not realise how much more physical music used to be. Whether it was getting your first Walkman or recording songs onto tape from the radio (I mean, I *never would have done such a thing... *wink*), cassette tapes will always bring back memories. In particular I can't help thinking back to the friendship you'd show others by creating a mix tape for them. Everyone used to take pride in getting the mix just right for the recipient, and I still have some treasured mix tapes in my collection!

Given the much revered and nostalgic feelings a mix tape conjure for me, it was no wonder that I had to snap up the Concord & 9th Mix Tape stamp set as soon as possible! I couldn't wait to make my own version of a mix tape - papercrafting style!

Here's what I came up with:

How funky is that?!

I stamped the cassette tape and its accompanying smaller sentiments then partially stamped the 'hello' tape sentiment. This set is so clever in how the main sentiment mimics an unwound tape! However the sentiment normally only works if it's directly below the cassette, meaning really you only get a portrait layout. So by partially stamping the sentiment I was then able to add my own winds of tape back to the cassette in a landscape format!

I used one of my all-time favourite stamp sets to decorate the card and add some funkiness - the WPlus9 So 80s stamp set is one I will never get tired of using! I stamped the halftone shapes, stars, flames and 'Rock' sentiment with a variety of bright, neon-esque colours.

I added a few of the tiny accent stars in black too in order to balance out the design and add some movement. This card is totally ready for the 80s now!

I'd love to hear what you think of this card. Is there someone you know who'd love to receive it? Thanks for stopping by!


  1. This is awesome, I think I will need these stamps at some point!

  2. Fabulous card! I have some treasured mix tapes in my collection too. Thanks for the memories!


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