Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Shrinking & Pokemon!

Hi! How are you?
This is a post of two halves. One more labour intensive and one so simple, my 8 year old supervised me making it!
I guess I have been unconsciously affected by seeing lots of lovely Pinterest type pictures of weddings or parties with those lights streaming down from the ceiling and an elegant array of flowers on the table. That was my starting point for this card using the Shine Brighter set from Concord and 9th
It's years since I've dug out my shrink plastic, and I really needed it as several of the full sized images wouldn't have fitted on the card.
You can see the difference when shrunk . I stamped onto the shrink plastic using Stazon black ink, cut out around the lines and then added some alcohol ink. You can see just how much darker and vibrant the colour is, so you can be a little more sparing initially.
The light bulb bottoms needed some black shrink too...
This photo shows you the glue. I used glue dots as they both stuck the twine to the card and then I could pop the 'tops' on. The issue with other glues is that the shrink surfaces aren't always completely flat so it's harder to adhere them.
I've coloured in the flowers brightly as a good contrast and needed another colour to help finish off the scheme. I'd spent a while trying to get the right colours and as I was finishing off, I thought of another card- ridiculously simple, but is definitely my favourite. I couldn't devote a whole post to it, so thought I'd add it today!
We (like probably millions around the world) have been playing 'Pokemon Go'. It's a surprisingly good game that you play on your phone and has taken us all around our city 'catching' 3D 'Pokemon' (I can't call them animals or I'll get told off, but they kind of are'. 
Anyhow, I was just thinking about the design of one the Pokeballs and realised it would be so simple with some circle dies and a fun sentiment from Mama Elephant's 'Wanderlust'
I just thought the top sentiment would be perfect. This card could be an invite, a birthday card- you name it. It was using simple circle dies like these Lawn Fawn ones.
Die cut 3 same sized circles in black, red and white cardstock. Cut a circle out the red and white cardstock and then cut them just under in half and place onto the black circle. Die cut a smaller circle and then assemble

After William (my little boy) had made sure that it was correctly representing a Pokeball, I remembered some M&M's I'd got cheap at the weekend, specifically for use in crafting ;-)
They were the perfect colours and I recreated smaller balls using punches.

For any of you with kids or nerd friends, this would make a fun greeting and some great party favours or snacks to keep them quiet!
Have a great day and I'll see you next week!


  1. Love your light bulbs Keren ! It's years since I've used my srink plastic, great fun! Wonderful cards always so creative. I can imagine it took some time .

  2. Fabulous creations!! Loving the light bulbs and I'm glad I'm not into Pokemon Keren ... Couldn't cope!


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