Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Unicorn Merry-go-round!

Hi! Fancy a spin? 
There's something incredibly nostalgic about fairs and I love seeing those ornately beautiful Carousels. That's where I got the inspiration for this card..plus I wanted to combine two fabulous Mama Elephant sets.

and mixing it up with 'New Family'

So I started out with the whole idea of adding the New Family animals on the back of the horses. I needed the unicorns to look more like carousel horses so I masked off the manes as below and used the moon in the set to act as a saddle.

The 'pole' things- were created using the little dashes and star and stamping opposite ways. Once you start with a theme and work out what you actually need to complete the picture, you can find similar shapes if you look hard enough!
It's also a useful example of 'suggestion'. I was trying to work out how to add the top and bottom and make it look realistically like 'flying Jennies' (another name for the Merry Go Round) but once I'd connected the riders and horses and poles, it was enough. The imagery is strong enough to suggest the scene- plus it's less work for me too!!

Hope you're day is a fun one, and you don't feel like you're going round in circles!
See you next week,

Keren xx


  1. Beautiful card Keren! Love the design and the colouring ...Your style is so unique I can tell a Keren card anywhere!

  2. Oh, Keren! Your creativity is outstanding and definitely knows no limits! Love this Merry-Go-Round!And you've just given me an idea for my niece's birthday card. Many thanks and hope your day goes well. xx

  3. What a fabulous card! so creative!!! LOVE it!

  4. I love how you've used the unicorns Keren, card perfection :)
    Jenny x


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