Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Keeping it CAS with Altenew

Hey crafters! Julia here today – I know you're expecting Keren, but we did a switch. So, no worries! She'll delight you with her creations later this week.

You know how I always struggle with my fear of white space and how I just have to mess with it? Yeah. With this card, though, I stayed the course even though everything in me screamed to add embellishments, more images, … something to make it less white. I have to admit – I love how it turned out, so maybe that will help me in the future to bravely allow for more white space.

I started out by stamping the same flower from Altenew’s “Botanical Garden” twice in the lower corner and once in the top corner. I didn’t do any fancy masking, just made sure the images on the bottom wouldn’t overlap.

Since I knew that I wanted to keep the card CAS (just had no clue if I would succeed this time or not) I decided on some strong colors and picked some oranges and yellow out of my Copic collection. Since I needed to blend from dark to very light, I only added a tiny amount of each of the used colors to allow for room to actually blend. If you use too much of one color, you don’t really have enough room to go from dark to light, especially in a small image as this one.

You can see that I didn’t do anything fancy. I didn’t try to hint at petals or texture, I simply blended from light to dark, which is your most basic Copic technique – everyone can do it! And since it’s a piece of art, you have creative license to do with it whatever you wish – no reason to feel bad because you didn’t try to turn it into a museum-worthy masterpiece. Just have fun :)

Another tip: if you don’t have Copic paper which is bleed proof (meaning you don’t see the color on the flip side), no worries. Just cut a panel the same size as your card front, color on it, and then glue it to the front of your card. No one will know the difference, and technically it’s still a one layer card :)

Thank you for stopping by today! I hope you got inspired!

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  1. This is lovely. I struggle with white space too, so maybe I need to give this a try then sit on my hands when I get to this stage!


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