Saturday, 26 November 2016

Nuvo Mousse Review and a Fall Card

Hello crafters! Today I am reviewing a brand-new to the store Nuvo product for you – the Nuvo Mousse, something like an embossing paste, but oh so delicious you will want to use it on everything!

I am comparing the Mousse to embossing paste because that’s the only other similar product I have ever tried. The Mousse by Nuvo is a bit firmer than your regular embossing paste while it’s in the jar, but once you apply it to your card or paper, it becomes absolutely smooth and creamy.

Now, you know that I like to color my regular white embossing paste with Distress Ink or ink from my other ink pads, simply by pressing the ink pads on a craft mat and then mixing in the paste. That works still absolutely fine for me and of course that gives you a lot of versatility in terms of which color you want your paste to be in. But there are also downsides: I have no idea how to make it shimmery (not glittery, shimmery); you can easily misjudge the amount of paste you need and waste quite a bit; or you can accidentally add too much color and end up with a super strong colored paste instead of a subtle color.

The Nuvo Mousse is one solution to these challenges. Now, I’m not saying you need to buy all the colors. I’d suggest to try to figure out which colors you are most likely to use and maybe get one or two. You guys know that I love all things shiny and glittery, and this paste … well, I was doomed the moment I laid my eyes on it.

What else is it good for?

Glad you asked! I know that many of us need to stretch our budget, so to get more out of something is always a great justification to spend some money. Here’s what I found.

You can mix colors. Yes, it works just like watercolor would – for example, mix the Peony Pink with the blue, and you get a purple. Add more blue, obviously, to make it a darker pink. This way, you can get two colors and create a third one yourself.

You can try it for mixed media. Now, I’m not a mixed media person! But what I did try was to see if I could apply a super thin layer on my textured card stock. I picked up some of the Mousse with my finger and then used my finger pad to massage it (I know it sounds weird) into my paper. This allowed me to cover a relatively large area with the Mousse and make my paper look almost as if was using a sheet of shimmer card stock. If you use your fingers, you can make the layer incredibly thin and so no one will guess that you colored it with paste.

Oh, and little goes a LONG way. This stuff is really rich, so even a small dollop will last a while with the “mixed media” technique.

Use it for watercolor. Yep. Add a tiny amount to a piece of acetate or your craft sheet and then add a bit of water. You can paint with this stuff, it’s like a pearlescent watercolor. Add more water for subtle color, and less water for a more opaque effect.

Hope that gave you some ideas! If you want to see the Nuvo Mousse in action, I have a video over on my blog showcasing it.


  1. How exciting! It sounds like a wonderful product - heading off to look now. Thanks for the inspiration, tips, and the gorgeous leaf card!

  2. I am intrigued now and will have to add some of these to my ever growing wish list.

  3. Beautiful card and fab review, thank you so much! xxx


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