Sunday, 25 March 2018

Zodiac Placecards

As well as crafting, my other creative love is cooking so I often have friends for dinner.  When I saw the Uptown Zodiac Girls from Stamping Bella I thought they would make really fun place cards for a girls night in dinner party and I have one of those coming up so I've started working on mine and I have a couple of share today.

I stamped them with Extreme Black Hybrid ink because I wanted to use pencils and watercolour to shade them.  I started with pencils and added all my shading and details.  For Virgo that meant creating the folds in the dress (following the images on the stamp packages really helps here if folds aren't your thing!).  For Pisces that meant some folds but I also added some little semi circles to hint at scales.

Once I was happy with my shading, I then used a trick I learnt from a recent online class for using a single wash of watercolour over the top of your pencil to bring it all together and in this case to add shimmer.  You want a really watery wash so your hard work of pencil colouring still shows through and do a test patch first as the colour you pick can alter the colouring underneath.  I used a shimmery blue on Pisces and a very lemony-green on Virgo.

To make them stand up I die cut them out (I used a 300gsm card stock to stamp them on so they had some structural integrity) and then also die cut an oval from the same card stock and cut that in half down the longest length.  Cutting a snip into your half oval from the top and the same length slit into the bottom of your girl and slotting one into the other gives you the perfect "standee" to pop on the table.

You could then either add individual names to them or, for more fun (and providing all your guests have different signs!) just go with the star sign label so they have to work out where they sit.


  • We received the latest release from Wplus9 late on Friday so will work on getting that live asap this week.
  • We have ordered the latest AlteNew release but it has not yet been shipped to us.  Hopefully that will happen this week and we'll get it online as soon as we can.
  • We are still waiting for the remainder of our Art Impressions order to ship - we only got about half of it so want to wait until it all arrives before adding it to store.

We have had quite a few customers recently who haven't had their correct or complete address on their orders - can I please remind you all to double check that your address details are correct on every order (if your PayPal address is different it will over right the address on our system so check that is correct and up to date too) and when you get back to our store from PayPal double check that everything is correct before confirming your order.  This goes for checking the items in your basket too - if you haven't cleared your cache before ordering older items can reappear so it's always best to check BEFORE you confirm as that's the point of the step in the process to allow you to be sure that you are ordering what you actually wanted to order ;-)

Right off to do a little gardening in this precious couple of hours of sunshine before the beast comes back for its' 3rd onslaught over Easter!

Catch you next week



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