Tuesday, 8 March 2016


It's one of those days where a high degree of fun is required.
Those days where you might even climb UP a slide rather than down one.
These little animals are just having a ton of fun

I'm all for having fun with sets too.
Yes, this Mama Elephant 'New Family' is a baby themed set.
But don't let that restrict you
It's a really fun set. 
You just need to start not with the set, but with your imagination.
Just think of any scene and plonk the characters into it. I thought they'd have a laugh on a slide, so I simply googled a slide image, sketched it, coloured it in, cut it out and then took a long hard look at the set.
I could see that the animals could be turned in different directions and realised that to 'hide' some of the animals slightly behind the slide rim, I'd need a top layer raised with foam pads to keep the story believable ( ha ha!).
Once I'd positioned them on the slide, I looked again, saw the swags of foliage and thought it would soften the look plus give the idea of a more woodland playground.
Having been reading 'The Faraway Tree' (by Enid Blyton) yesterday, I don't reckon this scene would look out of place!
I masked off half of one of the sentiments, so this set becomes even more adaptable. 

Hope you like my whimsical take on an animal playground. Go and have fun yourself; if you see a slide today I dare you to go up it the wrong way, or even just slide down it!

See you next week,


  1. Love this, and love the Faraway Tree.

  2. Love this, and love the Faraway Tree.


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