Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Colouring With Maps !

Morning! How are you?
Do you ever want to do some quick colouring but don't have the time or feel a little rusty with your colouring skills?
Well- I've the perfect solution for you and it's sitting somewhere in your house!

This one is a National Geographic collection from US, Canada and Mexico- if you look at the page in the photo- you can see I've made use of the different colours and also stamped using different greens.
The finished projects looks like this
I've used the ever versatile In Bloom: Elsa's Flora 
If you look closely- because the maps are double sided, they're perfect for creating 3D elements. Check out the leaves- I've simply stamped each leaf twice and folded one in two then glued it along the fold.
You can probably see that I've decoupaged part of the central flower to give it more texture. You can't add much shading unless you add in some alcohol markers or Prismacolors, but it's such a quick and effective technique you don't really need anything else.

Do have a go- it's a perfect speedy idea and one perfect for any beginners amongst you too!

Enjoy your day, 

See you next week!

Keren x


  1. This is such a fun idea! I used to work with digital mapping, so this really appeals to me!


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