Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Inside Out Secret....shhhh.

Hey! How are you?

I have a confession.
I've been keeping a secret from you all. It's one of the best products (and probably the least expensive) in the whole store.
I felt I should come clean and show you.
You're none the wiser?
Yup, You'd be forgiven for passing them by. They are Pop-up Trio creative cuts dies!
and they're £3.50. I wouldn't normally say the price, but really- they're brilliant!
Here's how.
Lay them out on a piece of thin (it needs to be thin so it's easier to bend) cardstock. You can see the red lines; they don't come like that, but I've just followed the central score lines from the die on the reverse using a permanent pen so I can line up the centre with the fold line. Add some washi and then pass through your die cutting machine.

Once cut, this is what they look like.

Then you need to carefully push the fold from the reverse so they stand up like this.

 The great thing about these little dies, is you can cut as many or as few and position them exactly. I have some expensive pop-up dies but they only cut where they're designed to.
Then you simply decorate. I've done it straightforwardly but you could go to town. I've used the cute Unicorns and Rainbows set
Such an easy and effective idea. Once you've finished the inside part, add a 'jacket' of cardstock or paper to hide the folds and decorate the front too! 
There are a reasonable amount in stock - but I wouldn't hang around now the secret is out!

Hope you have a lovely unicorn-y and rainbow-y kinda day!


  1. Such a fun card and thanks for the tip x

  2. This is so good to know. TFS. I've many times considered all the options from Crealies but couldn't decide on one, so skipped it. This flexibility might be the ticket!

  3. Oh gosh, I have these dies and have only used them once and it was a disaster. You've shamed me into using them again! Xx

  4. Oh dear! You must've spied on my basket because I had these stamps etc in there and thought no, must hold off... Now I've spotted this post, so I'll let you guess what happened to my basket! Lovely card, I guess I'll be making a similar one soon.. ;P

  5. SUPER cute...I have a confession to make too!!!
    I own them and never yet used them....oh yes...bad not????

  6. What a cute card! Those pop up dies look very interesting too.

  7. These are a useful little addition to our armoury! I don't have them yet, but they are going to get added to my wishlist when I finish this comment! Such a unique card to make and to receive and a great price point. Love your card :)


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