Saturday, 9 April 2016

Partial Die-Cutting and Combining Markers with Pencils

Good day, crafters! Thanks for stopping by today – I have a fun project for you showing you two techniques that will allow you to give your projects just that extra touch. One of them is partial die-cutting, and the other one is to combine two coloring mediums.

The partial die cutting technique is much easier than it appears. I know that I felt intimidated when I did it first, confused as to where to put my plates. If you do it a couple of times, though, you will see that it will become easier and easier each time and let's face it – partial die cutting just looks so cool!

As for coloring with both Copics and pencils – that's something I picked up from my crafty friend Marika, who is just the queen of this technique. I find two huge benefits using this technique:

  1. By adding a base shading with Copics, I need to work less with my colored pencils. It's much easier to color your image with very simple shading with Copics, and it is really fast. Then you can come in  with the pencils and just add shadows here and there without worrying about adding tons of layers or blending colors because underneath you already have a base layer.
  2. I am rater heavy handed, so adding in fine details with a pencil is much easier for me than trying to get in fine lines with a Copic marker. Also, Copic ink usually feathers just a little bit, but pencil lines never do and give me much more control.

To finish up a card, I always try to add little details that will make it stand out. Here, I opted for stark black ink for the sentiment because it gives great contrast, some black dots within the flower, a glitter border for sparkle, a light stamped background and a few embellishments. I kept all of them as subtle as I could so the focus would remain on the coloring and the sentiment; the rest is just the supporting cast ;)

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you had fun. Cheers! PS: If you want to see the coloring process, hop on over to my blog (link in the sidebar) to check out my video!

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