Saturday, 16 September 2017

Oh Hello There

Hey stampers, Anni here!

Now and then I challenge myself to make a masculine card! I can tell you I struggle with this! Even if I start with a masculine theme and masculine colours I end up adding sequins or glitter or jewels.

For this card I kept up till the end with the masculine stuff - well, nearly, I have to say. I don't know where these tiny pink flowers came from...

I think My Favorite Things' Sweet Succulents is a good set to start a card for a man - although it would work for a woman, too, of course. I stamped a few of the succulents on alcohol marker friendly paper with black alcohol marker friendly ink (my go to ink is My Favorite Things' Hybrid Ink in Black Licorice. I coloured the images with alcohol markers (surprise, surprise) and fussy cut them. I decided not to got with the pots in the stamp set but to die cut some flower pots from cardstock with My Favorite Things' Perfect Planters.

For the sentiment I chose one that comes with one of the popular Turn About sets by Concord and 9th called Oh Hello Turn About. I haven't tried out the turnabout part of the set yet but I really like the font of tha single stamp - so cute!
I added some ink blending to the background and assembled the card.

Do you struggle to make masculine cards,too? What are your tips and tricks?

Thanks for stopping by and have a crafty weekend.


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  1. all humans are different, and as such I know men who like purple, and personally my favorite colors are green and blue. So I do not believe that it is possible to make a card that will appeal to all men (or women for that matter). I am no fan of cards that look like a glitter princess threw up on them :D That being said, when I make a card for a specific (manly) person, I try to think about what he likes - nature, food, coffee, music, litterature, and then attempt to include some of those elements to the design. I have the impression that many men are not too fond of overly complicated cards with a load of embellishments (I am not either, so propably goes for both sexes), so I try to keep the cards fairly simple. I would also steer away from too many "girly" colors (sadly our society seems to have decided that some colors are "feminine")and use more muted colors. Again, this is also because of my personal taste. I think it is kind of sad, and limiting when most of the "masculine" cards only have mustaches, ties, coffee cups, golf and fishing equipment on them, like a real man can´t enjoy other things. Heh, apparently I have some strong feelings on the subject :D
    TL;DR: think about the person for whom the card is being made, and try to incoorporate some of their interests/color preferences instead of focusing too much on what is considered "girly" or "manly" as people are different :)
    PS: I think the card is great, and would work for most people (unless they dislike plants for some strange reason)


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